Your First Visit

At Mt. Lebanon Chiropractic we want your first visit to be comfortable and productive.  It entails our 8-point exam, which consists of the following:

  • History/Consultation
  • A postural analysis will be performed to determine biomechanical stressor affecting the body.
  • A weight differential will be performed to determine which side of your body is biomechanically imbalanced.
  • Surface EMG is a computerized scan of your spine to help determine nerve interference.
  • Digital x-rays will be performed if necessary to evaluate your specific complaints
  • Palpation is one of the ways the Doctor will find tender spots, spasm, and/or misalignments of the vertebras by touching your spine.
  • Leg Length check. This will help the doctor to find biomechanical stresses in the body.
  • Therapy will be used to relax the body.
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